My favourite part of the Wedding day to photograph is always the couples portrait photographs. 

I love photographing the elegantly posed, romantic imagery that forms the basis of the wedding albums and adorns the walls of their homes for generations to come. 

But, Looking back at the weddings I’ve photographed over the last couple of years, the moments that stand out the most in my mind, are the Treasured moments shared between family members on the wedding day. 

This photo, in particular, is one of my favourites from my 2016 weddings. 

I was photographing Shamima and Aqeel’s wedding. I was taking group photographs while the family were going up to the stage to congratulate the bride and groom. 

Her Grandfather made his way to the stage and tried to climb up the stairs, struggling, he finally abandoned his walker, and refusing all help from his family, he was determined to make his way up the stairs on his own. 

He finally made his way to the top to congratulate his granddaughter. 

Shamima gave her Grandfather a hug and asked him, why he refused to let anyone help him.

Her grandfather replied:

  “For you my dear, I’ll Climb mountains”

This photograph will be a precious reminder of her grandfather’s words to her on her wedding day. 

These tender moments between family members are worth gold and will be cherished for a lifetime.





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