Lambert Family Photo shoot


A while ago I ran a competition asking folks to email me and tell me why they would love to win a photo shoot with Elize Photography.

One e-mail stood out from the rest, and was clearly written from the heart.

Caro sent me an email nominating her mother, Carien, for the photoshoot.

This is what she had to say…

I want to enter the competition, not for myself, but for my mom. The reason being she is an amazing woman and she deserves it. I want her to be reminded not only of her inner beauty, but of her outer beauty. She is such a beautiful woman and she carries her age so well.

She gives so much of herself to our family, she works hard and she manages to put up with all of us while remaining strong and loving. 

I wish to one day have her strength and beauty. It would be an honor for me to be captured in a beautiful moment with the most beautiful woman I know- inside and out.

Carien was one of the lucky recipients of a gift voucher for a photo shoot and she booked a photo session with her whole family.

Here are some of the beautiful images from their family photo shoot.

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