Jordan and Hardus’s Matric Farewell | Ferrum High School

Finally their last year of High school has come to an end and the Ferrum High School Matrics of 2016, eventually got to celebrate their Matric Farewell in style.

Shortly after the 2015 Matric Farewell, Jordan called and booked me to photograph her 2016 Matric Farewell. She knew exactly what she wanted and for this reason had everything planed to perfection.

Preparation for the Matric Farewell 

The professional ladies at Beauty on Wheels, styled her hair in a divine up-style. Her boyfriend Hardus, also arranged a romantic surprise for her prior to her arrival, and had a bouquet of roses waiting for her at the hair salon.

And who says chivalry is dead?

Jordan’s mother Sharon, who is a make-up virtuoso, lent a deft hand and did her makeup for the grand affair.

Jordan looked elegant and sophisticated in her exquisite, full length, navy blue gown. The bodice of the gown was made with a floral lace that was delicately embellished with pearl bead work and sequence.

Hardus, looked particularly charming and suave in a matching navy blue suit.

The Photo shoot

Together they were chaperoned by Jordan’s proud father in a dark blue 1956 Bentley. It was borrowed from a family friend who is a vintage car owner and collector and a member in the Southern African Veteran & Vintage Association.

We all made our way to our first stop at a family friend’s garden for the photo shoot. The garden was exquisitely manicured, the likes of which you would normally only see in gardening magazines.

I photographed the couple together, as well as a few stylish portraits on their own. I then photographed them together with their excited friends and families.

In due time the sun started to set and it was time to head off to the school to make their grand entrance and finally grace the red carpet for their Matric Farewell extravaganza.

In conclusion

I want to give a big thank you to Jordan and Hardus for having me photograph your Matric Farewell.

You are such a beautiful couple and I look forward to photographing you again in the future.

See the gallery below of some of the photos of Jordan and Hardus, as they were chaperoned to their Matric Ball.


Vendors: Hair by Beauty on Wheels


Jordan, Hardus and the timeless vintage Bentley they were escorted in, to the Matric farewell

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Jordan and Hardus's Matric farewell
On the red carpet at the Matric Farewell































































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