Farah and Nazier | Wedding at Vulintaba Country Estate


Farah and Nazier were married on February 4th. This amazing couple compliment each other so well, they really are a match made in heaven.

As per Muslim tradition, Nazier and Farah’s father and family attended the Nikkah Ceremony at the Mosque while Farah prepared for the wedding at home.

A family member of hers had called her from the mosque so she that could listen to the ceremony on speaker phone. Overwhelmed with emotion. tears rolled down her cheeks as listened to Nazier saying his vows.

Nazier then came over to see his beautiful wife for the first time after the Nikkah.  After a very emotional “First look” They exchanged rings and took a moment to let it all sink in before we headed off to Vulintaba Country Estate for the Couple’s  Wedding Photo shoot before the wedding reception. 

Once the guests had all arrived at the reception hall, Farah and Nazier made their entrance and were welcomed by friends and family for the first time as Mr and Mrs Natha

It was a beautiful Reception surrounded by Loved ones and friends and family. 

I want to wish Farah and Nazier a Lifetime of Happiness together. 


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