7 Great Eco Friendly Confetti Ideas

The confetti toss.

Its the time old traditional photo of the newly wed couple walking out the church as Mr and Mrs for the first time and being showered by Confetti by friends and family as they pass. Almost every Bride has this photo.

The tradition of throwing confetti over the bride and groom comes from Italy. Before paper confetti, there were flowers, petals, grain or rice thrown at the happy couple, to bestow prosperity and fertility. It was believed that the couple would be as fertile as the seeds thrown over them.

Confetti tossing has taken a more aesthetic turn in more recent history, as people started using pretty colourful paper or plastic glitter confetti or rice to toss at the happy couples.  Unfortunately, paper or plastic confetti is forbidden by many churches as it is a huge mess to clean up and uncooked rice grains are a hazard to birds as many people believe the rice grains swell up in the bird’s crop and could kill them.

Mother Natures Confetti

Here are some great ideas for environmentally friendly confetti Ideas for your wedding day, that would keep the church ministers happy and are bird friendly too. 


Are you having an Autumn wedding?  

Embrace the reds and golds of the season and make you own Autumn inspired confetti.  

All you need is a paper punch. It is simple, cost effective, easy to clean and really pretty too.



Something Blue…   

Lavender is a great idea for confetti. This aromatic little flower is easy to source from a friend or family member’s garden, it’s easy to clean and biodegradable.  But make sure the flowers aren’t so dry they turn to dust, it may mess the dress, so rather use fresh flowers. They smell pretty too. 



The rose is traditionally a symbol of love and passion, the ancient Greeks and Romans associated roses with Aphrodite and Venus, goddesses of love. What better flower to shower the happy couple with.  The only downside is that if you dont have your own rose garden to raid, buying rose petals might be a little expensive.  



According to Celtic folklore, many herbs have meanings associated with each plant. You can use a selection or dried herbs for your tossing table, with the herbs labelled according to the symbolism associated with it. 

Jasmine  – Love and Money

Lavender – Love, Happiness and Peace 

Mint – Protection and Strength

Parsley for Love

Rosemary – Love, healing and youth 

Sage for Longevity 

Thyme – Health, healing, Love and Courage 

Violets for Luck, Love and Peace



Do you have a tree full of winged seed pods?  Use what is at your disposal.  Collect and paint them to create a confetti toss with a new ‘Spin’



Birdseed,  a great environmentally friendly confetti. The seed is eaten by the birds to no need to sweep up afterwards. Just be careful not to toss it in the bride and groom’s eyes.  



Bubbles!  Who doesn’t love bubbles?

The perfect, no mess, no fuss confetti.  There is no need for cleanup, no effect on the birdlife, and the biggest bonus is the kids get to entertain themselves for hours with the bubbles after the ceremony.  





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