15 things you probably don’t know about me


As a Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer, I get to meet and photograph my clients at the best time of their lives.  

I get to be a part of their Weddings Days, engagements, maternity and the sometimes the first few days of their newborn babies lives. 

I love getting to know my clients and following and sharing their special moments on Social media.

This got me thinking. Perhaps my clients would like to get to know me better too. 

So this year I am committing to using my blogging platform to share more about me and what I do.


15 things you probably didn’t know about me. 

  1. I have a bit of a mental block about writing and posting things out in public.  As a teenager, I could easily spew out 13-15 page letters to my BFF’s, But as an adult, writing makes me anxious.  There are so many beautiful things I see, Things that inspire me and I’d just love to share it and put that love out in the world. I just find it difficult to translate what’s in my mind into beautiful eloquent words.  It is probably why I love Photography so much.  So I decided I need to push myself out of my comfort zone and I’m challenging myself to blog more in 2017. 


2. My middle name is Rosemary 


3. I really love GOOD filter coffee… I mean, who doesn’t, right?  But I definitely consider myself a Coffee Snob.  My Favourite brand is Terbodore coffee from the Midlands in KZN. But my everyday brand is House of Coffee’s Special Blend.  The moment I get up in the morning,  put the kettle on and make myself a plunger of filter coffee with a dash of cream, No Sugar. I’m not a total coffee addict, I’ll limit myself to 1-2 cups a day. Should I visit friends or clients, I will drink water more often than not. I enjoy water and I certainly don’t drink enough of it. But should I have a choice between tea and instant coffee, I’d politely ask for tea instead.    


4. I can’t walk in heels. I walk like a drunk baby goat in high heels. I love them, they look gorgeous, But takkies and closed sandals are more my style.


This is me (front) with my Friend Bianca, while I was working at Mapungubwe National Park on the SA/Botswana border in 2003


5. I spent just over a decade working on various Game reserves as a Conservationist and Field Guide. Yip, African sunsets, Big 5 (and more), Land rovers, Khaki uniforms and the characteristic V-necked Game Ranger tan.  I absolutely loved living in the bush. It wasn’t always easy living so far away from family, but It was totally worth it. Those were definitely the best years of my life. I gained confidence and learnt how to crawl out of my shell. I met the most amazing people and inspiring colleagues from all over the world and although they don’t know it, some of them left a lasting impression on me. I Loved my job, and my guests loved me too. Not to toot my own horn, But I was really awesome at it.  I wouldn’t trade those years for anything in the world. 


6. I have a serious aversion to Berry Yogurts. The smell reminds me of my dad’s last days in hospital before he passed away. 


7. I was a total tomboy as a kid.  My Brother, our Best friend Reinhardt (Who sadly passed away at the age of 20) and I, used ride our bikes and skateboards around the neighbourhood pretending to be Biker Mice from Mars. Or playing Army games using Reinhard’s very impressive Toy gun collection. As we got older we experimented with making our own bows and arrows out of reeds and sticks. It was all fun and games, till the day I shot my brother in the leg with a homemade bow and arrow….   It took allot of ass kissing to keep him from telling Mom and Dad. 


8. One of my best memories is the day my husband proposed to me. He told me the pilot, Allen Wilson from the Grey Goose game lodge, needed photos for his brochures. Gideon (my hubby) arranged a helicopter flight for us to a hilltop near Vulintaba, presumably as part of the photo shoot, and proposed to me at the top of the top of the mountain overlooking Grey Goose and Newcastle.  


9. I have a Siamese cat named Phoebe that I adopted from the Newcastle SPCA.  I just love her to bits. If I could, I would adopt at least 2 more. But alas my husband and in-laws object to it. Although truth be told, they love her as much as I do so I’m not sure why they wouldn’t want an extra kitty?  Mmmm, Maybe one day.  


10. We don’t own a TV. Yip, and I don’t really miss it either. I haven’t owned a TV since about 2005.  I’m either out doing photo shoots or I’m on my computer editing photos. Retouching weddings takes up most of my time. But the rest of my office time is spent answering emails, booking weddings and photo shoots, general admin, or learning more about photography from online workshops and tutorials etc.  Any news I want to find out I get from the internet.  There are a few TV programs I enjoy and I get to watch them when I visit my in-laws in the evenings. I enjoy some of the Afrikaans programs like ‘Die Boekklub’,  Kwela,  Boer Soek `n Vrou and of course Koekedoor.  Lols this TV lineup makes me sound really old. 


11. I enjoy cooking. I’ll often experiment with ingredients I think will taste great together. 95% of the time my concoctions are really great.  I Love my Husband, But he is totally indifferent to food. As long as I don’t put mushrooms in it. Every meal is received as… That’s nice…  Although I’v learnt that his nose never lies. It always runs if he’s enjoyed a lekker meal. 


12. I have a love affair with essential oils. I really love the stuff. I use it for almost everything.  2015 was a year peppered with visits to the Dr for colds and flu and stress and anxiety attacks. My health was not at its best.  After being diagnosed with Melanoma Cancer in February 2016. I spent almost 3 weeks in a cancer home in Durban receiving radiation treatment. When I got back to Newcastle my Immune system was in the gutter, I had Bronchitis and I was feeling grim.  I started using Frankincense oil to open my chest, and I used it on the cancer site too. I drank 2 drops of Origanum oil with water every day, as a natural antibiotic and used lavender on my pillow at night for sleep.  It’s 10 months down the line, all my cancer tests have been negative and I have not had a single cold or flu. Not even a cough or a sniff.  That Origanum oil is an amazing immune booster.  Frankincense is amazing too and it is my number one, go-to oil. I use it for any pain or inflammation. sore feet, sore muscles, It even helps to open my sister’s chest when she gets an asthma attack.  I always make sure I have a bottle in my house. 


13. My guilty pleasures,  Nastergal jam / Umsobo jam from our local Padstal on the road to Memel,  and  Homemade Ice cream.  It’s so dead easy to make. Whip one Litre of cream and a cap full of Vanilla essence or scrapings of vanilla pods together till the cream is firm. Then add a tin of sweetened condensed milk, Mix it well,  and Freeze overnight. Bob’s your uncle. Yummy homemade Icecream. You can add whatever flavours you like really.


I found this in the archives. This photo was posted on Facebook by a team-mate of mine. Thanks Garrith. It was photographed around 1999 in the good old days of film. I’m the one in the middle wearing a tie, standing in front of Sgt Major Zaaiman (The chap with the hat) 

14. I took Target Shooting as a school sport in High School.  I played a little hockey in Primary school, but I totally sucked at Netball and athletics. My sister who is 4 years older than me took up target shooting at High School and I thought it was the most awesome thing ever. I couldn’t wait to go to High School.  I joined the shooting team at the first opportunity I got. I have never loved a sport more than I loved shooting.  I didn’t get too far in my first year (grd 8).  But the years from Grd 9-12, I made it all the way to the SA championships.  My first year at SA’s I ranked 640th in South Africa. Not great, But I was still super stoked.  My last year competing, I made it to 20th in South Africa.  I never made it overseas or anything. They only select 3 teams of six marksmen to compete for World championships. So I missed out by 2 spots.  But It was still the most amazing moments and memories of my school career. 


15. I collect books written by Lawrence van der Post and Antique cameras. Every chance I get, I will scrounge away in the nooks and cranny’s of pawn shops and bookstores to find these little gems.  If you ever find one of his books or have an old box camera collecting dust. Feel free to give me a call. 


There you have it! Now you know a little more about me.

Do you have a fun little fact about yourself? Tell me about it in the comments below!

xoxo,  Elize 


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  1. Lovely blog! Well written! And I admire the fact that you pushed yourself to open up like that. You are truly a woman of many talents.

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